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What is the difference between stevia leaf, stevia extract and stevia 98% Reb-A?

Stevia can be used as a sweetener in several forms, all derived from the stevia leaf itself.

Stevia leaf is a natural, whole leaf that undergoes minimal processing to create the final sweetener. It is less sweet than stevia extract and can have a bitter, herbal taste.

Stevia extract is a concentrated, processed form of stevia sweetener. It undergoes purification and concentration, resulting in a much sweeter and more consistent taste. Stevia extracts are 20-40 times sweeter than whole-leaf stevia.

98% Rebaudioside-A is a high-purity extract of the compound Rebaudioside A, one of the main sweetening components found in stevia leaves. The '98%' indicates the purity level of Rebaudioside A in the extract, assuring its high concentration and purity.

Last updated: Jun 13, 2024 00:47 AM