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What is the most important nutrient for the prostate?

The most concentrated part of your body that has zinc is your prostate. And it has 100 times more than the blood. So when you check your zinc in your blood, and it shows normal, it doesn't necessarily mean what's going on in the other bodies.But zinc is so important for the prostate. I will be releasing a video on that for men. Because what happens as you age, the zinc goes down for various reasons, and then the prostate starts to become enlarged. It's very important to understand a simple nutrient that's deficient, and the food that you can eat to keep it higher in the diet, which is going to be either oysters or shellfish, or red meat, which everyone's telling you to avoid because of this and that. But when they do the studies on red meat, they don't differentiate processed meat and red meat and like grass fed, the quality of meat like beef, they'd lump it all into one category.

The point is that the quality is really important there. And also the people, I'll guarantee this, people that are eating processed meats are also eating processed grains and carbs. There's this whole push to get people off red meat and onto whole grains, right? Which no one's going to do whole grains, they're going to do refined grains with it. And that's not healthy.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2024 14:22 PM