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What is the one food out of all the foods that virtually gets rid of all menopausal symptoms?

If you have menopausal symptoms like the hot flashes, the night sweats, the low libido, the vaginal dryness, the depression or bone loss, because if you take a look at what happens during menopause, you have a loss of the ovaries, right? And then if you go to the doctor, they'll say, well, you're losing the estrogen and progesterone. Let's just give you HRT or that's just, you have to live with it or there's nothing we can do because this happens as a normal thing.

If you actually look at what happens in menopause, you have a backup of your adrenals that kick in.The adrenals make every single hormone that the ovary makes. And if you look at what we're dealing with, we're dealing with a collection of all these steroid hormones, which are sex hormones. And all the different pathways all of them originate from one thing, and that thing is cholesterol. 80% of the cholesterol that feeds the liver is in the form of LDL.

The thing that so many people are afraid of, and you can't get this cholesterol from plants, or avocado oil, or even olive oil, or even coconut oil. It's only in animal products. So, if you were to start adding more grass-fed butter to your diet, or egg yolks, or shrimp and seafood, or organ meats, or things with cholesterol that would probably be the smartest thing you could do to start feeding these hormones, and just watch what happens to the menopausal symptoms.You're going to notice a significant improvement fairly quick because now you're finally no longer starving these hormones what they need. If you feed them, you'll build up the pathways through these hormones, and it's probably the simplest thing that someone can do, but unfortunately everyone's trying to do the opposite. They're trying to get their precursors from plants. Plants have their place, but not when you're building steroids, and you can't get this precursor from eating seeds, or nuts, or grains, or salad, or any of that. It has to come from the animal products so another reason why you should start eating the fatty cheese.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:05 PM