Natural Remedies

What is the primary vitamin deficiency behind tonsillitis and enlarged tonsils?

There is a huge correlation between low vitamin D, and not only inflammation of the tonsils, but enlargement of the tonsils as well. So vitamin D is what you need. It's really hard to get vitamin D from the diets, but you can get it from cod liver oil. So it's kind of a folklore medicine given to a lot of kids growing up, which is really smart. Now we don't do it, and the more the child or adult stays indoors, the less vitamin D they're gonna have, so that can affect the tonsils. The tonsils are the first line of defense to protect and notify the rest of the immune system that there's a pathogen in the house, do something, start to increase defenses to protect this pathogen from going into the lungs, as well as into the digestive system.

Last updated: Apr 03, 2024 14:10 PM