Intermittent Fasting

What is your advice for someone who has to take meds at a certain time while doing IF?

You got to be pretty healthy to take medication nowadays. So what I would do, and I had a video on this, for those people who take medication, you should also, and I don't have any specific advice when you should take it, maybe with meals or without. I think more importantly is to take things that will help decrease the complications of medications to especially your liver and kidney. That would be some of these phytonutrients like milk thistle. Milk thistle is a plant that has a certain phytonutrient that kind of counteracts all the free radical damage and toxicity and things like that. That's why I like milk thistle. It's a perfect antidote for poisoning. If you happen to be poisoned for some weird reason, just get some milk thistle real fast. Or if you had a snake bite, milk thistle, or maybe a tarantula you have around crawling in your house. Make sure you have plenty of milk thistle to counteract the venom.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2024 14:10 PM