Keto Food Questions

What keto ice cream can I eat?

Let’s look deeper at a few keto ice cream brands. Most of them contain sugar alcohol called erythritol.

  • Enlightened – 7 g sugar alcohol (also has regular sugar)

  • Keto – 8 g sugar alcohol / tapioca fiber (which is not keto-friendly)

  • Rebel – 9 g sugar alcohol

  • Halo – 10 g net carbs (contains wheat flour and sugar)

Most of these brands use a sugar alcohol called erythritol. What’s good about erythritol is that it’s zero on the glycemic index. What’s bad about it is that unless it’s non-GMO, it could be made from GMO ingredients. None of the major brands that advertise keto ice cream have stated that their product was non-GMO.

For something to be keto, it needs to be low-carb. But even that is a loose term with no legal definition.

Some of the other ingredients in keto ice cream:

  • Dairy – Is it organic?

  • Sugar – You don’t want any sugar

  • Wheat – You don’t want any wheat

  • Tapioca – You don’t want any tapioca

  • Egg yolk – Is it organic?

The biggest problem with every single one of these so-called keto-friendly ice cream brands is an ingredient called MPC (milk protein concentrate). Another name for this would be milk protein isolates. MPC is a group of dehydrated proteins that come from milk. It is a combination of casein, whey protein and other proteins. These proteins have been linked to inflammation in the liver. Something many people don’t realize is that almost all milk-protein concentrates are imported from China and Mexico. These imported products are also not regulated.

You can consume keto ice cream, although it is not recommended to consume on a regular basis or in large amounts. Preferably find an organic one without any sugar (sugar alcohol is okay) and without tapioca, flour or MPC.

Last updated: Apr 13, 2023 00:34 AM