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What makes sugar addictive?

There are two mechanisms involved in sugar addiction: 

1. When you consume comfort foods high in carbs or sugar, you increase insulin, which then decreases blood sugars. After that, certain sensory things from your blood to your brain are triggered, causing sugar cravings. 

2. When you anticipate eating certain foods and then eat them, you get a release of dopamine. The more concentrated in sugar the food is, the more massive the release. Dopamine is connected to pleasure. Over time, the receptors for dopamine downgrade. They become more resistant to the point where it takes more and more carbohydrates to achieve the same pleasure. Then, one day you’re consuming a massive amount of carbohydrates, but you’re not getting the same pleasure you used to get. Now, you may be consuming carbs and sugar to handle a blood sugar issue temporarily. During all of this, it's creating a massive amount of damage in different parts of the body. 

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:14 PM