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What more can I do to lower my blood sugar and cholesterol?

When you're a diabetic, and even you have this insulin resistance that's sitting in the background. And this is why metformin addresses the insulin resistance in which actually helps the cells become more sensitive to insulin. So you can then have the insulin work a little bit better on lowering the blood sugars. Right now the fact that your blood sugars are not lowered tells me that either those receptors still need some more work, or there's something else going on. Especially if you're not on a high-carb diet you went on low-carb, and your sugars are high. It doesn't make sense, does it? Well, there's something else that contributes to this that I want to share, and I did a video on it. And it has to do with your liver making sugar. Your liver is making sugar out of other things, not carbohydrates like proteins and fats.Your liver can make sugar. And this happens after you get someone on keto, and they're diabetic. They do much better, but then they might have either the dawn phenomena, they wake up with the blood sugars higher, or you just have a harder time taking this residual sugar. So this is a liver issue, and it's going to take some time, but there's things you can do to speed it up. Don't change what you're doing. Just be really strict with what you're doing. But if you add berberine that will help. If you also add apple cider vinegar, that will help. If you add cinnamon, that will help.

And there's many other herbs, like ginseng and turmeric, that you can add that will support the liver. See it starting to come down normally as that insulin-resistant issue goes away and your liver starts to heal. I will mention that even though the liver is the toughest organ in the body sometimes it does take up to three years to fully heal a damaged liver.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:11 PM