Keto Combo

What multivitamin do you recommend?

Get a real get a real food based vitamin nutrient. And of course, I'm not biased of my own. The best multi is my keto energy because it comes from I actually show you the food that it comes from. The problem with using food based vitamins and minerals is that it's just a bit more expensive because it takes a lot of work to extract the natural version versus synthetic.

You can make it from petrochemicals. And unfortunately, they don't work the same. So that's why they're cheap. Look at the first ingredient. It's usually calcium carbonate. That's limestone. It's like a rock to you. It's just really sad to know that ninety nine percent of all the vitamins out there are made synthetically. And you think you're getting the real thing, but they're an imitation of the real thing. Some people say, well, there's no difference, really. There's no difference between artificial versus natural. That's just kind of false information. Get something food based, read the ingredients and see where it comes from. You want the source of it on the label.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2024 14:04 PM