Trace Minerals

What nutrient can boost collagen?

The top nutrient that boosts collagen is copper. Copper has a direct effect on making collagen, preventing the loss of collagen, and making elastin.

Copper is a trace mineral that's needed in a very small amount, but it's necessary for the enzymes that allow proteins to form.

Benefits of copper:

1. It transports iron

2. It supports immunity

3. It can help reduce excess sweating

4. It supports endurance exercise

5. It can help slow down greying

6. It can help improve balance in the dark or when your eyes are closed

7. It can help decrease uric acid

8. It can help detox fluoride

9. It helps warm your feet

Foods rich in copper:

• Liver

• Kidney

• Oysters

• Shellfish

• Shiitake mushrooms

• Sesame seeds

Last updated: Mar 19, 2023 22:02 PM