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What nutritional deficiency causes sleep apnea?

This is a condition that affects sleep. The root cause of this is high glucose which then depletes vitamin B1 and could affect the function of your breathing.

Vitamin B1 is essential in maintaining the normal function of the brain stem especially for your breathing centers which connect to the nerve called the phrenic nerve. This nerve controls the entire diaphragm, its motor control, and movement.

I recommend taking B1 (100-500mg) with a natural blend of Bs from nutritional yeast (unfortified).

Symptoms of Low Vitamin B1:

• Lactic Acidosis – pH becomes slightly more acidic.

• Dyspnea – It is the difficulty of breathing that is related to something called Beri Beri.

• SIDS – (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which is related to a severe B1 deficiency in an infant.

Last updated: Aug 14, 2023 14:40 PM