Keto Food Questions

What protein spikes insulin too high?

There is one type of protein that can raise your insulin even more than white bread or glucose: whey protein.

White bread can increase your insulin by 87%. But whey protein can increase your insulin by a whopping 139%. However, whey protein has an interesting effect because even though it raises insulin, it doesn’t spike your blood sugar level. Some studies have even shown that consuming whey protein after a meal could help lower your blood sugar.

Whey protein also increases glucagon, which helps neutralize some of the bad effects of insulin. But will whey protein knock you out of ketosis? Yes. Anything that increases insulin will kick you out of ketosis. Will whey protein powder increase weight gain? I don’t think it does.

It’s unknown whether or not whey protein can lead to insulin resistance. While whey protein stimulates muscle growth, it also creates a hormonal effect and stimulates other organs. There has also been data that it’s beneficial for the liver, but other data says that it can damage the liver. There are a lot of mixed opinions on whey protein powder right now.

"Personally, I don’t take it. I consume higher-quality protein sources, like eggs, meat, and fish, which also have additional nutrients. But, for certain people, whey protein can create some positive effects." - Dr. Berg

Last updated: Oct 23, 2023 14:05 PM