Weight Loss

What stops me from losing belly fat?

One of the top things that will stop you from losing belly fat is alcohol consumption. You may have heard of keto-friendly wine or that pure alcohol is keto-friendly. Pure alcohol is not a carb or sugar and doesn’t directly increase your blood sugar or insulin. However, indirectly, it can create severe insulin resistance.

Liver cells treat alcohol like poison and try to get rid of it. The toxicity of the alcohol injures the liver cells and can even kill them. During this process, you develop fat in the liver cells, which can lead to a fatty liver.

With a fatty liver, you can also experience inflammation and scarring in the liver. Chronic inflammation and scarring can then cause cirrhosis and increase your risk of liver cancer and other liver problems. Alcohol also blocks your ability to burn fat. Don’t expect to burn fat for 48 to 72 hours after alcohol consumption. It’s a source of empty calories and depletes important nutrients.

You’ve probably heard that there are certain benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation. But, recently, they’ve found that was only a marketing tactic, and there are no benefits to drinking alcohol.

Alcohol also has negative effects on other parts of the body, including:

• The brain

• The endocrine system

• The gut microbiome

• The heart

• Estrogen production in men (increases estrogen and decreases testosterone)

It’s crucial to realize the negative effects of alcohol and consider the real reasons you’re drinking alcohol, like stress. Many natural things can help you reduce stress. If you can’t give up alcohol, try diluting it with sparkling water. If you take milk thistle before drinking, it can help protect the liver against poison and can help support the liver. Kombucha tea with low amounts of sugar is also a great alternative to alcohol and gives you a nice, relaxed feeling.

Last updated: Feb 29, 2024 15:40 PM