Keto Diet Facts & Tips

What supplements should I take on keto?

Here is the list of the most important nutrients needed for keto, along with sources for them.

  • Minerals

  • Vitamin B1 (needed in conversion from sugar to fat burning)

  • Vitamin B3 (to remove fat and cholesterol from the liver)

  • Vitamin B5 (for the conversion from sugar to fat burning; helps in keto-adaptation and prevents ketogenic fatigue, flu and rash

  • Vitamin A (improves insulin resistance)

  • Vitamin D (improves insulin resistance)

  • Choline (to help a fatty liver)

Virgin cod liver oil helps to provide vitamin D and A equally. Nutritional yeast provides the B vitamins.

Electrolyte powder helps provide the minerals.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2023 15:45 PM