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What to look for in a good olive oil?

Nearly 80% of extra virgin olive oil sold is fake. Fake extra virgin olive oil is not made from the highest quality olives picked and immediately cold-pressed. It's usually diluted olive oil with canola oil, solvents, or preservatives.

What to look for to find real extra virgin olive oil:

1. You should experience a little tickle or slight irritation in the back of your throat from a phytonutrient called oleocanthal (oleocanthal is a super healthy anti-inflammatory and antioxidant)

2. It should be fruity, peppery, pungent, bitter, and have a slightly grassy taste

3. It should come in a glass container—not plastic

4. It should be no less than $10 dollars (it costs more to make real extra virgin olive oil)

5. The company should provide plenty of information (like what type of olives are used, the process they use, and where it's made)

6. It should be cold-pressed, crushed, and have a harvest date on the bottle

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 15:56 PM