Fitness Tips

What type of exercise burns fat?

Low-intensity exercise or Aerobic (means with oxygen) is very good for stress, adrenal issues, adrenal fatigue syndrome, and for good quality of sleep. For the first 25minutes of walking, you are going to burn your sugar then after 25 minutes, it is all fat burning.

While the high-intensity exercise or Anaerobic (without air, full-body high-intensity interval training, is primarily burning sugar but the fat burning occurs through hormonal waves that happen during sleep 14 to 48 hours delay.

Low-Intensity Exercise (Aerobic) Benefits:

• Lot of Oxygen

• Low Stress

• Improvement in Brain Function

• Help Regenerate Brain Cells

Key to High-Intensity Exercise (Anaerobic):

• Don’t over-train

• Don’t do it frequently – Give the body time to heal and recover

• Keep carbs low

Last updated: Feb 12, 2024 15:37 PM