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What vegetables are accepted on Warfarin or Coumadin?

This medication is a blood thinner. It basically blocks vitamin K in the body and helps prevent clots. When you’re on this medication, typically, they will tell you not to consume certain vegetables—especially leafy greens.

The problem is that you really need vegetables for the nutrients. I believe a person needs about 7 to 10 cups of vegetables every day. But, if you can’t do salads, there are still some fantastic alternatives. 

Vegetables you may be able to consume when on Warfarin or Coumadin:

• Tomato

• Cucumber

• Artichoke

• Zucchini

• Celery

• Red cabbage

• Okra

• Red pepper

• Turnips

• Beets

• Onions

• Pumpkin

• Squash

• Eggplant

• Mushrooms

• Carrot

• Cauliflower

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:18 PM