Natural Vitamin B1

What vitamin can I take when I feel emotionally unstable?

If you’re deficient in vitamin B1, you could experience emotional instability and delirium. Delirium is mental confusion and emotional disruption. Delirium can also often occur when an alcoholic or drug addict is going through withdrawal symptoms. 

There are certain specific parts of the brain that require B1:

• The hippocampus 

• The Amygdala

• The mammillary bodies The RDAs for vitamin B1 is only 2mg.

Vitamin B1 is water-soluble, so you don’t store a lot of it. You’re body only needs a small amount of it, but it needs it consistently.

You will need more vitamin B1 if you consume carbs. The more carbohydrates or sugar you consume, the more vitamin B1 you’ll need.

Last updated: Nov 07, 2023 21:20 PM