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What would cause dizziness when I turn my head to the right?

There is a test for your carotid arteries, but it's more like you're looking back like this, and then you get dizzy, and you fall over. But that would be more of like a full extension, and that's a rare situation that you might have a problem with.

But I think the biggest thing that it could be is you might need to check to see if there's any type of mucus in your gestation tubes, or like if you have an ear infection or a sinus infection, or you could have some type of malalignment in your neck, and you see a good chiropractor for that. Another thing is if there's arthritis in the neck. A lot of times that will create a problem with that as well, just arthritis in your neck.

And then the last thing I would mention is you might want to take some more sea salt. Sometimes that can help with dizziness as well, because it helps to regulate blood pressure.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2024 14:20 PM