Keto Food Questions

What yogurt can I eat on keto?

One that’s recommended is a special type of yogurt called Trimona. A few reasons why Trimona is recommended:

  • It’s grass-fed

  • Its producers use milk from cows that generate A2 protein versus A1 (less allergies)

  • It’s organic

  • It’s whole fat

  • It’s fermented for 30 hours

  • It’s not strained

  • There are no thickeners or additives

  • It’s plain, so it has less sugar

  • It’s non-GMO

A serving of Trimona contains:

  • 10 g carbs

  • 6 g sugar

  • 8 g protein

  • 8 g fat

Trimona also contains friendly bacteria, including lactobacillus bulgaricus. A few potential benefits of lactobacillus bulgaricus:

  • Could help improve lactose intolerance

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Supports the liver

  • Could help decrease diarrhea

  • Could help decrease inflammation in the gut

  • Could help decrease constipation

Last updated: Apr 15, 2023 03:07 AM