Advanced Digestive Enzymes

What's a hidden source of digestive problems?

Healthy digestion occurs when you’re in a low-stress state.

How stress affects digestion:

• It causes the development of biofilms allowing harmful bacteria to survive

• It erodes the mucosa layer, which can lead to ulcers

• It decreases transit time (causes constipation)

• It can lead to leaky gut

• It alters your microbiome and decreases the diversity and number of your microbes, which can lead to inflammation and other health concerns

Stressors that affect the digestive system:

• Emotional stress

• Antibiotics and things that act like an antibiotic (chlorine, artificial sweeteners, glyphosate, and sterilized food)

• Intravenous feeding

• ICU care

The best ways to get rid of digestive problems related to stress:

1. Reduce your stress

2. Take L-glutamine

3. Consume probiotics and fermented foods (if you experience bloating afterward, try a carnivore diet for a while)

Last updated: Dec 05, 2023 15:15 PM