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What's a hidden source of heart attacks/strokes?

Dr. Thomas Levy's book "Hidden Epidemic" raises concerns about a possible connection between chronic dental infections and heart health. His research suggests a link between bacteria found in root canal-treated teeth and heart issues in some patients.

These types of infections (known as chronic apical periodontitis) don't always show obvious symptoms. They might contribute to inflammation in the body, potentially impacting the heart and other areas like joints.

It's important to note that routine dental X-rays may not always catch these infections. Checking C-reactive protein levels, a marker of inflammation, could provide additional information. Remember, infections can reside in the teeth, gums, jaw, or tonsils.

Oral bacteria can contribute to oxidative stress, which is a risk factor for various health issues. Dental health is crucial for supporting the immune system and overall health. Additionally, consider liposomal vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help lessen oxidative stress.

Last updated: May 27, 2024 15:16 PM