Symptoms, conditions and causes

What's a hot flash?

Hot Flashes Overview:

Definition: Sudden sensation of warmth in the upper body, often intense over face, neck, and chest, accompanied by reddening of the skin.

Causes and Remedies:

1. Low Progesterone (Menopause-related):

- Remedies: Cruciferous vegetables, DIM, sea kelp, calcium D-glucarate, wild yam extract, black cohosh, chaste tree. Avoid stress.

2. High Stress Levels:

- Remedies: Vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast, benfotiamine), improve sleep, daily walks, stress management. Consume potassium and magnesium.

3. Liver Dysfunction:

- Remedies: Cruciferous vegetables (or DIM), calcium D-glucarate, purified bile salts, choline (400-500 mg), quality fatty proteins. Consider intermittent fasting and Healthy Keto® diet.

These approaches aim to support hormone balance, adrenal health, and liver function, easing hot flashes associated with menopause and stress.

Last updated: Jul 02, 2024 16:10 PM