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What's Advanced Immune Support good for?

Dr. Berg’s Advanced Immune Support supplement contains four of the most proven and research-backed immune system supporters all in one: vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3 and elderberry.

These nutrients work together in a proprietary blend to give your immune system the support it needs to fight the microbes inside and outside your body. This supplement does not contain any GMOs, preservatives, additives or immunosuppression ingredients that could interfere with its beneficial effects.

The four potent, naturally derived immune supporters in this supplement will help fortify and support your immune system—which already works brilliantly.

By backing it with these helpers, you will be providing your immune system with important added help to do what it already does best. You will also be taking an important step to help keep yourself or your loved ones healthy and resilient.


  • Powerful immune support

  • Provides an easy way to strengthen your natural defenses to fight microbes in the environment at work, home, school and when you are traveling.

  • The 4 key immune boosters—vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D and zinc—work together synergistically to provide you with excellent immune support

  • This supplement has been professionally formulated for maximum absorption by the body

Last updated: Jul 09, 2024 14:19 PM