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What’s causing my belching?

'm assuming you're taking bile salts on an empty stomach or with your meals. And so we do know that the burping and belching is related to the gallbladder. But it's there's also something else. There's something (2:42) called TUDCA . So let's say you're doing the TUDCA which is a different type of bile salt that keeps the flow going. And you're taking the regular bile salts with meals and everything is great. And then you also have the enzyme component. So if you just cook foods, it's a strain on the pancreas because the pancreas could run out of enzymes, not to mention average person being so insulin resistant. That's one part of the pancreas, which is a hormone, but then you can't have a really damaged pancreas part where the endocrine part is damaged and have a really healthy enzyme part.They're both kind of in the same boat. One affects the other. See what happens if you eat raw foods, if that makes things better than we know, it's the enzymes.

If it doesn't make things better, then the area to look at is either the amount of stomach acid, maybe you need more stomach acid, which is betaine hydrochloride, or probiotics. I do find that if you really work on the gallbladder and you're still getting burping, it could also be a problem with fermentation which is going on because you need more probiotics. It's going to either be fixing the stomach with more acid or the digestive system with more probiotics. I would look at both of those areas.

Typically things are handled with the bile salts, but sometimes we're not lucky to do that. So we have to go to different places. But I would check both of those areas.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2024 14:20 PM