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What's couch potato syndrome?

A sedentary lifestyle can have a lot of negative effects. An interesting research paper suggests that inactivity is the primary cause of over 35 chronic illnesses.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to also focus on recovery after exercise to really benefit from it.

Top benefits of exercise for your health:

1. It increases mitochondrial biogenesis and oxygen in the mitochondria.

2. It increases immune defense.

3. It may help decrease the risk of 13 types of cancer and decrease the side effects of chemo.

4. It supports neurogenesis and can have positive effects on your memory and mood.

5. It increases oxygen throughout the organs.

6. It may help lower blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance.

7. It increases elasticity in the skin, joints, muscles, and arteries.

8. It’s the only activator of muscle growth.

9. It increases DNA repair.

10. It can help support weight loss, shrink a fatty liver, and counter bad habits.

11. It increases growth hormone and testosterone and decreases insulin.

12. It lowers cortisol. It also helps reduces oxidative stress, mental stress, physical stress, and stress on the body from pollution.

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 14:21 PM