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What's HRV?

HRV is a measurement of the variations between the heartbeats. There are different time distances between your heartbeats. The more varied the timing is between the heartbeats, the healthier a person is, and the higher the HRV is. The less varied the timing is, the less healthy the person is, and the lower the HRV is.

HRV measures the autonomic nervous system. It has been well-researched and can help a person understand their ability to adapt to and recover from stress.

Many people use this technology to determine whether or not their body can handle the stress of working out on a given day. Maybe they can handle doing high-intensity training one day, but their body would do better with a day off or with low-impact exercise the next. There are many different lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your overall health. HRV technology can help give you feedback to see if what you’re doing is actually benefiting you. It can even tell you your biological age and rate of aging.

You really can’t take your health to the next level if you can’t measure it. This is a fantastic and easy-to-use tool to help you do that right at home.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2024 15:45 PM