Stress Kit

What's included in the Dr. Berg Stress Kit?

The Dr. Berg Stress Kit promotes healthy sleep and normal energy so you have a good mood and motivation to be your healthiest self.

 Sleep Aid

  • Supports stress reduction by promoting healthy function of your adrenal glands, calming your body and mind. Healthy sleep makes you calm and clear-headed, promotes a normal sleep schedule, and supports normal hormone cycles. You can feel more energized every morning without dangerous sleeping pills.

Adrenal & Cortisol Support

  • Instant stress support helps you feel more relaxed in just minutes. Promotes normal hormone levels that do not irritate you. Soothe your mind and body to stop stress, racing thoughts, and nervous tension. Supports healthy adrenal glands and normal cortisol levels. You will smile as your body responds to stress better and keeps you calm and focused throughout the day.

Neck & Back Self-Massage Tool

  • Physical support for sleep and a happier mood. This traditional technique has been used for thousands of years in Asia and is only now beginning to be rediscovered by Western researchers. The step-by-step guide from Dr. Berg shows you exactly how to massage yourself easily and quickly. 

Last updated: Feb 14, 2023 01:16 AM