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What's stress eating?

When you consume carbs, it affects your blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar will end up at a lower state about 30-40 minutes after eating the carbs. This will then increase your cortisol levels and cause you to feel more stressed.

Dopamine (a pleasure hormone) is actually increased with the anticipation of a reward like cookies or ice cream, but not when you’re consuming it. Dopamine doesn’t actually lower cortisol, and your cortisol will be increased after consuming carbs. Medication or alcohol may block stress for longer, but it will come back.

A few powerful things you can do for stress:

1. Take vitamin B1 or nutritional yeast (without synthetic vitamins)

2. Take magnesium

3. Drink lemon balm tea

4. Take L-theanine

5. Take an adaptogen like ashwagandha

Last updated: Aug 14, 2023 14:34 PM