Natural Remedies

What’s the best remedy for gastric cardiac syndrome?

Well, I think what I would do is I would take something called betaine hydrochloride with the meals. I would take probably five of those little guys right before a meal.

There's this interesting connection between your digestive system and the heart and also the liver and the bile ducts and the heart. They're right, kind of connected, close together. So when you have, um, uh, incomplete digestion or maybe even bile sludge in your little bile ducts, which is very common, that can back up, create congestion in the heart and you can start having heart symptoms from your digestion.

So one great remedy is to make sure that you're not having any indigestion by taking more betaine hydrochloride and that can be taken right before a meal. But the other thing relates to the bile ducts.

TUDCA is a great remedy to open up those ducts to make sure that you don't have this backup into the liver, which is causing pressure on the heart.

TUDCA, you take that in an empty stomach, two, twice a day, and that seems to resolve a lot of problems within your gut, your gallbladder ducts and in that associated area. A lot of people don't even know they have that problem, but they get a lot of bloating and a fullness underneath their right rib cage.

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 15:43 PM