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What’s the best way to dissolve gallbladder stones and relieve acid reflux?

In order for the gallbladder to prevent stones you have to have the right ratio of bile salts to cholesterol.

If the cholesterol is too concentrated without the bile salts, the stones can develop. So if you have a stone, one of the remedies that's being put out there, even in the medical profession, is a certain type of bile salt to take. So if you start taking bile salts, now we have a chance to get the mixture, the ratios right, and potentially that could actually reduce the severity of these stones.

The other thing to think about is if you have a lack of bile, you might develop kind of a sludge. It's not an actual stone, but it's a precursor to the stone, in which case the flow of that bile mixture is not going too well. So another thing to take to keep that those ducts open and free flowing is TUDCA, which is a type of bile salt as well. But that's I would take that on an empty stomach. The other thing is that the acid reflux is probably a lack of acid. And you need this acid to stimulate the liver to reduce or produce bile.

So I would, in addition to the taking of bile salt right before or right after you eat, is I would recommend taking betaine hydrochloride. That's acidifier. So it'll help to strengthen the acid in the stomach so you can digest better and so you have the right release of the bile.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 15:39 PM