Symptoms, conditions and causes

What's the cause for right-sided abdominal pain?

This pain would be underneath your right rib cage. Sometimes it can refer to the shoulder and into the scapula, or even into the neck and head on the right side. 

Your liver and gallbladder are both on your right side, underneath that stretching to the left, you have the pancreas. Then you have different ducts that drain from the liver into the gallbladder and then into the small intestine. 

What goes wrong with this system that can cause abdominal pain and bloating?

1. Stones  

2. Sludge (pre-stone material)

3. Spasm (smooth muscle)

4. Inflammation/scarring

5. Dilation - pressure 

What are the root causes of these issues?

• Route for detox

• Estrogen (xenoestrogens)

• Insulin (sympathetic dominance) 

• Lean protein (causes irritation)

• Frequent eating (low repair)

• Omega 6 oils (creates inflammation)

What to do:

• Do healthy keto and intermittent fasting with plenty of whole foods and cruciferous vegetables. 

Last updated: Dec 23, 2023 15:17 PM