Sleep Aid

What's the cause for sleep apnea and snoring?

If you have a nutritional deficiency, the structure of your bones may not fully develop. But, if you never chew, you also don’t activate the muscles around your face to make the bones structurally sound.

I believe the real cause behind breathing problems is that our mouths have become too small. If there isn’t enough space for our teeth to grow, they will be crooked. If the mouth is smaller, the airway passages will also be smaller, which will constrict a person’s breathing.

It’s crucial that kids stop consuming refined foods and start consuming foods that force them to chew more. But, as an adult, you can do things to make a change to your facial structure, which can lead to better breathing.

What you can do:

1. Breath through your nose

2. Chew your food longer

3. Consume fat-soluble vitamins

4. Stop consuming processed foods

5. Consume trace minerals

Last updated: Jan 14, 2023 03:22 AM