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What's the cause for sore, bleeding gums?

Soreness or bleeding in the gums can create a lot of difficulties and discomfort. There is one main cause behind this problem. Let’s look at it.


  • Red gums

  • Blood on toothbrush

  • Sore gums

Cause #1: Vitamin C deficiency

Sore/bleeding gums can be caused by a vitamin C deficiency. A very important thing to know about vitamin C is that the most commonly sold version of it, called ascorbic acid, is only one fourth of the actual vitamin C complex. When you take only ascorbic acid you will deplete your body of the rest of the vital parts of actual vitamin C, and the result will not remedy sore or bleeding gums.


  • Take natural vitamin C complex (not ascorbic acid)

  • Consume more vegetables

  • Consume fermented vegetables, specifically sauerkraut

  • Take bell pepper

  • Avoid refined carbs and sugar

  • Avoid sulfa (antibiotic)

  • Consume more vitamin D to reduce inflammation

Last updated: Jun 14, 2023 14:38 PM