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What's the cause for the pain behind the eyes?

Many people deal with pain and soreness behind their eyes. Today we’re going to talk about what’s really behind certain eye problems like eye soreness, sensitivity to light, eye strain, or watery eyes.

In many cases, these problems with the eyes are caused by the hypersensitivity of a nerve behind the eyes. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

If you’ve had chicken pox, you have a higher risk of getting shingles later in life. But, before you get shingles, your body may give you certain warning signs of shingles. One of these warning signs is pain behind the eyes and other eye problems. This is because the dormant virus hides in the sensory nerves and waits for the perfect opportunity to come out.

The top triggers of shingles:

1. Cold weather

2. Weather changes (pressure)

3. Stress

4. Vitamin D deficiency

5. Zinc deficiency

It’s key to focus on prevention and keeping your immune system strong by doing certain things, including:

• Getting plenty of sleep

• Exercising regularly

• Lowering your stress

• Consuming a healthy diet (Healthy Keto®)

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:30 PM