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What's the difference between heartburn and heart attack?

When it comes to heart attack vs. heartburn, the symptoms are very similar. Some symptoms are even identical. 

Identical heart attack and heartburn symptoms:

• Cold, clammy feelings

• Nauseousness 

• Burning pain 

Differences in symptoms of a heart attack vs. heartburn:

Heart attack

• Left-arm pain (can rarely be caused by heartburn)

• More likely comes from a stress event or exercise (can sometimes happen after eating)


• Happens after a meal (if you have an ulcer it could happen when you’re not eating)

• Bloating 

• Acid reflux

• Burping/belching

• If you take apple cider vinegar and water and it helps, it’s more likely heartburn 

What to do to help prevent heart attacks (especially angina):

• Take a vitamin E complete complex 

• Healthy keto 

• Intermittent fasting 

What to do to help with heartburn:

• Take apple cider vinegar 

• Take betaine hydrochloride before you eat (4 or 5 pills before you eat for a few months)

• Healthy keto

• Intermittent fasting 

Last updated: Apr 17, 2024 05:18 AM