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What's the difference between lazy and dirty keto?

Lazy keto - Lazy keto is when you do not count calories or ketones. You primarily focus on counting carbohydrates—and keeping them below 50 grams per day. Lazy keto also involves consuming a moderate amount of protein (roughly 3-8 oz per meal) and consuming high amounts of fat (without focusing on the quality of fat).

Dirty keto - Dirty keto completely ignores the quality of your nutrients. Those who do dirty keto often eat at fast-food restaurants and consume processed cheese and meats. Dirty keto may also include a lot of MSG, low-nutrient foods, non-organic ingredients, high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids, and trans fats. On dirty keto, you might consume a heavily-processed fast-food burger without the bun, which—although keto-friendly—contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Overall, the difference between lazy keto and dirty keto is that dirty keto doesn’t focus on the quality of food at all. Those on dirty keto may consume some very unhealthy foods.

Last updated: Feb 13, 2024 00:42 AM