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What's the fastest way to heal an ulcer?

While you’re working on your diet, you can also try my really simple remedy for ulcers. An ulcer is essentially a hole in your stomach or small intestine. 

Potential causes of an ulcer: 

• Stress 

• Nutritional deficiencies 

• H. pylori


The most common medication for ulcers is Prilosec. This medication works by stopping the acid production in your stomach. While Prilosec can help people with ulcers, it comes with side effects. 

Potential side effects of Prilosec:

• Vomiting 

• Gas

• Nausea 

• Headaches 

• Abdominal pain 

• Increased risk of dementia 

• Increased risk of C. diff

• Increased risk of pneumonia 

• Increased risk of bone fractures 

• Increased risk of kidney inflammation 

• Increased risk of polyps 

Certain studies have found that cabbage may be beneficial for people with ulcers. Cabbage contains vitamin U, a term used to describe a group of sulfur compounds. This group of compounds can destroy H. pylori, one of the most common microbes involved with ulcers.  H. pylori is not typically pathogenic. But, when a person doesn’t have enough stomach acid, H. pylori can become pathogenic and lead to ulcers. I believe that ulcers are created by a lack of stomach acid, not an excess amount of acid. 

Cabbage can potentially put H. pylori in remission or kill H. pylori. However, if you cook cabbage for too long, you will kill the beneficial compounds. It's best to consume raw cabbage, cabbage juice, steamed cabbage, or fermented cabbage for ulcers. 

Last updated: Dec 10, 2023 23:04 PM