Natural Remedies

What's the fastest way to turn off stress?

Certain stressors on the body, like exercise, heat therapy, or cold therapy, are in your control and have positive effects on the body. But, negative stress is out of your control and can have harmful effects. This lack of control could be related to a situation, condition, or relationship.

In a stress state, you have a lot of involuntary glandular secretions and reactions occurring. Two parts of the body have both involuntary and voluntary control: the diaphragm and skeletal muscles.

Controlled breathing exercises and walking are powerful to put yourself back in control of these systems and pull yourself out of a reactive fight or flight mode.

It’s also important to understand that a vitamin B1 deficiency can mimic mild hypoxia and trigger your stress reflexes. Vitamin B1 is crucial to help pull yourself out of a stress state and even prevent stress.

Overall, the best things when dealing with stress are:

1. Controlled breathing exercises

2. Walks

3. Vitamin B1

Last updated: Feb 28, 2024 15:23 PM