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What's the most caffeinated beverage in the world?

Caffeine has a half-life; the point at which it breaks down and no longer has an effect on you. That’s usually between 4 to 6 hours. But if you have liver damage like a fatty liver, cirrhosis, or hepatitis, this half-life could be as long as one hundred hours!

So if you drink coffee and have trouble sleeping, it could be because of your liver. As well, the caffeine molecule is very similar to another type called the adenosine molecule. Adenosine signals that it’s time to sleep. If you don’t have enough adenosine, you’re not going to be able to sleep. Because caffeine molecules are so similar to adenosine molecules, they can lock up the adenosine receptors and prevent you from sleeping.

Yet another reason why you need a healthy liver.

I drink coffee, but just one small cup in the morning. I urge you to cut back on caffeine if it’s affecting your sleep or causing other health issues. Our world collectively consumes about one hundred million metric tons of caffeine each year. We’re fully addicted.

I list the caffeine content of commonly consumed beverages like Starbucks, Red Bull, black tea, Coke, and Jolt. But none of these have the highest amount of caffeine. Instead, it’s Black Label Devil Mountain coffee, with about three times as much as a 16 ounce cup of Starbucks. You really need a health.

Last updated: Jan 26, 2023 23:52 PM