Keto Food Questions

What's the most difficult food to give up?

The goal of keto is to put you in such a healthy state that occasionally going off the program will not create a big problem.

The problem with going off of the keto program is that the next day your blood sugars are off, and you're going to want to go off more and more. It can be a slippery slope.

The other problem is that when you consume carbohydrates, you're going to activate dopamine. Dopamine is part of the addictive circuitry that you have in your brain. Overall, healthy keto and intermittent fasting is your best option for handling the physical addictions to certain foods, especially carbs. Keto can handle your hunger and cravings, but it doesn't handle the mental habits you might have regarding food.

A few keto tips:

1. Find substitutes for the foods you like that you can't have on keto

2. Do keto consistently for as long as you can and work on trying to improve your self-control

3. Consume foods high in nutrients (do healthy keto versus dirty keto)

4. Take certain supplements when you're doing keto and fasting (B vitamins, electrolytes, etc.)

5. Take bile salts

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 16:02 PM