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What's the most overlooked cause of hypertension?

Around 90% of all hypertension is essential hypertension, which means it has no known cause. Southern states have the highest risk of hypertension and the highest risk of strokes. They also have a much higher rate of zinc-deficient soils.

Zinc deficiency can cause hypertension. Doctors are often hyper-focused on reducing sodium to lower blood pressure, and people are surprised to find their blood pressure does not go down after reducing their salt intake. If you’re deficient in zinc, your sense of taste and smell is often inhibited. This might cause you to add more salt to your food and crave junk food. The average American indeed consumes too much sodium from junk food and not enough potassium, but zinc deficiency is also a significant issue.

ACE 2 inhibitors are the number one blood pressure medication. This type of medication depletes zinc, potentially causing more blood pressure problems. Diuretics, antibiotics, antacids, and birth control pills also deplete zinc. Zinc is a helper mineral for making nitric oxide, a vasodilator that helps relax the blood vessels. Zinc is required for nitric oxide to work. Zinc is also necessary to make certain antioxidants, including SOD, which helps to keep inflammation at bay.

You can become deficient in zinc by consuming food grown in zinc-deficient soils or if you don’t consume shellfish and red meat. Sugar, refined carbs, whole grains, alcohol, and fructose deplete zinc. Weak stomach acid interferes with mineral absorption, which can contribute to a zinc deficiency. Oysters and other shellfish, as well as red meat, are the best sources of zinc.

Last updated: Apr 16, 2024 14:40 PM