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What's the root cause of sacroiliac joint pain?

There are three potential root causes of sacroiliac pain.

1. Referred pain. Pain in other areas of the body can make it seem like you have SI pain. In women, ovarian cysts and other ovarian issues may cause referred pain in the SI joint. Sea kelp may help with this. In men, ureter pain caused by a stone can refer to the SI joint. Potassium citrate may help with this.

2. Actual SI pain. When your SI joint is inflamed or fatigued, you can use a massage technique to help mitigate this pain. Press on the joint on the opposite side of the side that hurts.

3. Old tailbone injury. If you fell on your tailbone a long time ago, it may cause pain in the SI joint. It can help to massage the neck to get rid of this pain.

Last updated: Aug 01, 2023 14:01 PM