Weight Loss

What's the worst sugar alcohol for weight loss?

Sugar alcohols are low-calorie alternative sweetener that doesn’t have alcohol and is not totally absorbed. 

The Glycemic index is the list of things that you consume that spike the blood sugar, the higher the scale the worst the spike in blood sugar, and the lower the scale the less the effect. He also talks about what artificial sweeteners to avoid. Artificial sweeteners will create problems with your microbiome, friendly bacteria, and gut could cause fluid retention, and are linked to insulin resistance and a lot of other issues. 

Sugar Alcohol Sweetener: 

• Erythritol – 0 glycemic index and it does not spike the blood sugars at all. 

• Xylitol – 13 glycemic index has a slight effect when consume in small amounts. 

• Sorbitol – 9 glycemic index 

• Isomalt – 9 glycemic index 

• Lactitol – 6 glycemic index 

• Mannitol – 0 glycemic index used in glaucoma and would help intracranial pressure 

• Maltitol – 52 glycemic index and would spike the blood sugars. This sweetener is the one you must AVOID. 

AVOID these Artificial Sweeteners: • Aspartame (Equal, nutra Sweet) • Saccharin (Sweet n’ Low) • Sucralose (Splenda)

Last updated: Jan 22, 2024 17:38 PM