Electrolyte Powder

When is the best time to take electrolyte powder?

I tell people to take it in the morning, but some people take it right before bed, and they do fine. It's going to push a lot of fluid out of your body for most people, but not everyone. So you might want to test it out and see where you want to take it. There is no best time to take it. You can take it with food, without food, but you're just putting electrolytes back into your body and making your body more filled with things to help push things through and make things work better electrically, both the muscle and the nerve. And you have this little thing in all your cells called a sodium-potassium pump that generates electrical activity in your nervous system and your muscles that allow nerves to transmit and muscles to contract and relax. So without these electrolytes, you're going to feel kind of weaker.You're going to have a lot of these other electrolytes, but not enough salt. That can also create a problem.

Last updated: Apr 01, 2024 14:32 PM