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When to take probiotics?

Probiotics are microbes. Microbes are a crucial part of our world. They convert carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur into forms that living things can use. We have ten times more microbes living on and inside our bodies than we have cells.

Microbes have many functions and help us in various ways, including:

• Helping to make nutrients available

• Providing immune protection

• Protecting against pathogens

• Supporting detoxification

• Improving digestion

• Helping to make vitamins

Strong hydrochloric acid in the stomach can kill a good portion of microbes. Bile salts also affect the microbiome. But, some microbes are resilient and can even live without oxygen.

How to support the survival of probiotics in the stomach:

1. Take a probiotic supplement or consume probiotic foods at the end of your meal

2. Consume probiotics earlier in the day

3. If fasting, drink more water with your probiotics

4. Don’t take probiotics with lemon water or apple cider vinegar water

5. Consume raw plants grown in soil

Last updated: Oct 16, 2023 18:50 PM