Keto Diet Facts & Tips

When you’re in ketosis, does the body stay in ketosis?

If your keto strips are saying you're in ketosis, you're in ketosis. But what happens is either you're burning carbs or you're being sugared.

Now there is kind of degrees to this but there's a little carb which basically triggers insulin, and it just like switches right back to sugar metabolism. So you're not gonna be burning fat very much at all. The point is that why the secret to this whole thing of staying in ketosis is lowering carbs.That is the single thing that you have to focus on. The body wants to regulate sugar. And so it wants to keep the sugar normal. That's the stable point that everything revolves around. If your carbs are a little too high, you're no longer in ketosis. It should show up in your urine.

Urine tests are are good in the beginning, but not later because once you adapt to ketosis, you're gonna be more efficient. You're gonna burn up these ketones, right? If you're burning up ketones, are you gonna have any extra in your urine? No, because you're burning them up. So all of a sudden it doesn't show up in the urine.You think you're not in ketosis. A better thing to do is to check your blood. That would be a better way to know if you're really in ketosis or not.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2024 14:09 PM