Intermittent Fasting

Where should I start on intermittent fasting?

With fasting, you’re trying to go from sugar-burning to fat-burning. 

The best indicators to know fasting is working: 

• Your appetite is gone 

• You can fast comfortably 

How to start intermittent fasting:

1. Push your breakfast further and further towards lunch (you can have bulletproof coffee or MCT oil) 

2. Eat at noon and add fat to the end of your meal 

3. Eat at six and add fat to the end of your meal 

A six-hour eating window with an 18-hour fasting cycle is great and can provide a lot of benefits, such as:

• Supporting cognitive function, focus, memory, creativity, and mood 

• Supporting the immune system

• Decreasing inflammation 

Things that will help you fast longer:

• Green tea 

• Cinnamon 

• Garcinia 

• Ginseng 

• Ginger 

Fasting mistakes: 

• Consuming a small snack 

• Consuming a small amount of carbs 

• Thinking the results will happen quickly (give it time!)

• Consuming everything in moderation 

Last updated: Mar 03, 2023 19:19 PM