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Which eggs are healthier: white or brown?

Dr. Berg discussed if brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. The answer is NO. The reason why an egg has a certain color is because of the type of chicken. And the reason why the brown egg is more expensive than the white one is that the chicken is bigger and they have to feed the chicken more. It is important that the egg you consume is pasture-raised and organic.

Types of Eggs

• 100% natural

• Cage free / free range

• Pasture-raised

• Pasteurized

• Vegetarian-fed

• Organic Yolk Nutrients

• Choline

• Selenium

• Biotin

• Vitamin A, D, E, and K2

• B12

• Phosphorus

• Omega 3

Last updated: Jun 26, 2023 14:08 PM