Keto Food Questions

Which foods are bad to combine?

You’ve probably heard about food combining. It’s become popular in various diet programs.

One combination you definitely want to avoid is protein plus sugar (refined carbohydrates), as well as fat plus sugar. When you combine these, especially when you heat them up, you develop something called AGEs.

Now, what are AGEs? They are what’s called advanced glycation end products. AGEs plug up circulation in the back of your eyes and can cause macular degeneration. They’re also involved in brain chemistry, stopping the neurons from communicating and contributing to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's.

AGEs are also involved in the beta cells of your pancreas as well as in diabetes.

In other words, these combinations are terrible! How does this relate to your foods? Let’s say, for example, you eat barbecued ribs. Or anything heated with fat and sugar. Like ice cream! Or anything deep-fried. You have fat with carbohydrates and likely wheat which has the protein called gluten.

All the health complications of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson's involve advanced glycation end products. AGEs create massive oxidation, which essentially is like your body rusting out its arteries, eyes, and kidneys. They age you quickly; your proteins become sticky and brittle.

You can do these four things to counter the development of AGEs and halt rapid aging:

1. Avoid sugar

2. Consume aged garlic; it’s far more powerful than fresh as an anti-glycation substance

3. Take carnosine, a combination of two amino acids that’s effective at preventing cataracts

4. Take benfotiamine, especially if you have diabetes complications such as peripheral neuropathy or impaired vision

Last updated: Feb 14, 2024 15:53 PM